Saturday, October 31, 2009

Veganmofo Final Salad and Caturday

So here it is: The last post of VeganMoFo III. I have enjoyed the blogathon, but feel that I wasn't able to keep up with everyone else's posts. I promise to stop by your blogs in the near future and read through any posts I missed.

Here is my final food post:

This is a salad that we had a little while ago. There is falafel, vege seafood sticks, Changs noodle salad, home grown radishes, pasta salad with home-made pesto dressing, pita bread, hommous and waldorf salad. All of it was good and fit with my ongoing salad obsession.

Caturday: Berry on the rolltop desk

Last week I showed you a picture of Switch asleep on the top of our rolltop desk. This is her sister Berry, showing how she approaches napping on a desk. As you can see, she is a sprawler!


  1. Nacho is a sprawly sleeper, too. Your final mofo meal looks great--I love all the variety on the plate. I like veganmofo because there are so many posts to read, but I'm kind of glad to see the end of it! I majorly failed at keeping up with reading blogs and it will be good to get back to normal :)

  2. Mmm felafel!

    And Berry looks very comfortable napping where she is :)

  3. I'm still catching up too. At some point there were over 500 posts in my reader! Very intimidating!!

    Mmmm I love that dinner! Are those seafood sticks the Lamyong one's? I've been wanting to try them but I was so freaked out by their prawns that I've been a little scared to give them a go.

    Aww berry is adorable! Mine often sleep with one paw dangling too.