Friday, October 9, 2009

Z's chocolate pretzels

Last week, my children were on school holidays. Z decided that he wanted to bake. He checked out his cook books (my children all have several cookbooks of their own). In one called Cook for Kids by Jean Pare, he found some Chocolate Cookie Pretzels.

This is not a vegan cookbook, but Z is creative. He showed me the recipe and suggested that we could replace Nuttelex for butter, Tofutti cream cheese for cow cream cheese and dark chocolate for milk.

Here are his masterpieces:

Of course, the shape and consistency of the dough did lead an almost 10 year old boy to suggest some other shapes, that you can see lurking in this picture:

I laughed at them, because apparently I have the sense of humour of an 8 year old.

They were delicious and unusual. The use of a full tub of tofutti cream cheese meant that they were rich and delightfully soft and chewy, but not overly sweet. Very good baking from Z!

Z is watching me blog. He says to tell you "It was fun!"


  1. It looks like it was fun, and delicious. Good on Z for veganising those cookies. The chocolate drizzling is always my favourite part, very fun for some reason...

  2. YAY! for awesome veganising skillz. They look delicious.

  3. Well done Z! Those chocolate pretzels look yummo!

  4. Good on Z for his awesome vegan baking skills! They look fantastic!