Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quick Microwave Baba Ganouj and Caturday

I have taken a week away from blogger after the intensity of VeganMofo. But now I'm back!

The other day we were having Middle Eastern food. I wanted to increase the amount of vegetables on the children's plates. So, at the last minute, I decided to use some eggplant that I had in the fridge to produce baba ganouj. I find that my children will eat many things in dips that they would never eat alone. Baba ganouj and hommous are big favourites in our house, even though the children aren't fond of either eggplant or chickpeas.

I only used half an eggplant, but I have scaled the recipe up to feed a bigger group. I also threw it together, so the amounts of some items are estimated from dashes. Feel free to adjust them to taste. Also, if you like a darker baba ganouj, don't peel the eggplant and cook it a little longer.

Quick Microwave Baba Ganouj

Makes one medium bowl of dip.


1 large eggplant (around 400-500g when whole)
1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke
1 tablespoon olive oil
3 tablespoons tahini
2 tablespoons garlic
2 tablespoons lemon juice
salt for eggplant and to taste at the end

  1. Peel eggplant and cut into large (3-4 cm) cubes. Salt eggplant and leave to drain for 15 minutes.
  2. Rinse eggplant
  3. Put eggplant in a microwave proof dish with a cover.
  4. Microwave until eggplant is very tender, about 5 - 7 minutes (longer if needed).
  5. Add all ingredients in a blender, food processor or large container, if you only have a stab blender.
  6. Blend or process until smooth
  7. Taste. Add salt if desired. Add small additional amount of other ingredients (eg if you think it needs more of any particular flavour).
  8. Refrigerate until cold (10 minutes in the freezer was good for a small serve, but an hour in the fridge would be ideal).
  9. Serve with pita bread, other bread or crackers.

How do two cats deal with cold weather? Snuggle under a blanket, of course:

This photo was taken at the end of winter. I think we put the blanket over them, but they often squirm in under loose blankets all by themselves. Berry in particular is good at getting almost entirely under a blanket, with only a nose sticking out.

Quick Ad!

Next weekend, on 14 November 2009, there will be a vegan nutrition DVD viewing, panel and discussion at the Albion Peace Centre, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor. It will kick off at 1.00pm and run for most of the afternoon. There will be dinner for $10 from the Loving Hut, served from 6.00pm. There will also be food for sale, during the day.

It is $5 per head for a half day session.

The panel will include Amanda Benham (a nutritionist), Tracey-Lynne Greyson (animal lawyer), Cameron Blewett (Sea Shepherd) and me. I think that I got asked, because I had previously volunteered to be a contact for a survey process for the Vegan and Vegetarian Society Queensland and have a healthy, mostly veg*n family. I am certainly not up to the expertise of the other panellists. However, I do have a big mouth and like to talk about veganism, so maybe that was why I got the call.

For more details, please see:

Maybe I'll see you there :)


  1. Shame you are not in Melbourne! I'd be up for that! Look forward to you blogging about it :)

    BTW - the dip looks great! I have just picked up a couple of eggplants at the markets today and now know what to do with them. Now, if only I knew what to do with the fennel...

  2. Microawve baba ganoush is a great idea. And how exciting that you'll be on the panel! If only I lived a bit closer, I would definitely come along. The $10 dinner would be enough to get me there, really!

  3. More pretty kitties!

    I wanted to come along to the panel and the dinner afterwards, but I was working and on call! Hopefully next year when I have some freedom back there will be some things I can finally make it to!