Saturday, October 3, 2009

The other day, I had this simple toasted sandwich for lunch. It was toasted with only Cheezely herb and garlic vegan cheese. After toasting, I added the fresh tomato, rocket (from my garden) and avocado. On the side, there are kalamata olives and pickled onions.

Cheezely has the best vegan "cheese" that I have eaten (out of the admittedly very limited options available to Australian consumers). While it does not taste exactly like cow cheese, it does fill the desire for cheese with a savoury flavour and cheesy texture (whough some are a little floury if not melted. Their super melting options melt reasonably well for pizzas or anywhere else that you crave melted cheese. My favourite is the herb and garlic, which is the only vegan cheese replacement that I would eat on crackers.


  1. I like Sheese better than Cheezley, but it is hard to get. I've only ever seen it at one place in Sydney for outrageous prices. When I was in the UK I brought some home, and then I got my friend to bring me back 2kg of the stuff when she went to England recently.

    Do you find that since they put Cheezley in the tubes the texture is a bit different?

    I haven't tried any of the flavoured ones before - I tend to just get the cheddar and mozzarella for mlting purposes.

  2. Not seen Cheezly in tubes (maybe an Oz thing??) but I blogged yesterday about the super melting Mozarella from Cheezly. Your sandwich looks yummy.

  3. I got to try cheezly on vacation recently (other people go grocery shopping on vacation, too, right?). It was lovely on crackers. I need to convince someone close by to carry it.