Friday, October 16, 2009


This was a quick and easy dinner that we had a few weeks ago. At our house, nachos let everyone exercise their creativity and make their own dinner. Everyone likes the chips and avocado. Some go deluxe and some are very basic. The weirdest topping in the house is M's love of nachos with mayonnaise on them (wrong, I know!).

This was mine. On the usual corn chips are Cheat's Chilli, store bought salsa and Cheezely. Because I love the toppings (and am a bit of a guts), I put a thin layer of chips, toppings and then more chips and toppings. That was put in the microwave until the Cheezely melted (3 or 4 minutes from memory).

After microwaving, I added lettuce, tomato avocado mash and olives, because I like salad.

Yes, they were as good as they look.


  1. Yummo! Nachos is such a good meal and I love that you added salad!

  2. Yummy, this looks awesome. We're having Mexican tonight.

  3. Aw yum. I'm such a guts and always over eat when we have nachos but I never regret it!

  4. I'm the same Theresa! I always overeat nachos too!

  5. Mmm nachos is one of my favourites and whenever we have them everyone's plates are always piled high! We like lots of filling toppings on ours also, no salsa and cheese round here, there's always "mince" or chilli or both on top! Yum!