Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tapas night and Caturday

As you may have noticed, around once a week our meal involve little snacks, placed in the centre of the table. Each person can help themselves. I find that the younger two children try new items more easily this way. There is less pressure to like it. They also eat more vegetables when it is their own idea to try them.

Of course, Mr BrisVegan, J and I all love to try new foods and enjoy variety, so we love it too.

This meal was tapas influenced. Clockwise from the top, you will see pita bread with hommous and baba ganouj, store bought polenta, baked plain and with a sweet chilli sauce glaze, eggplant baked with tomato pasta sauce and a slice of herb and garlic Cheezely, potato gems (tots for the US audience), mixed baked olives, dates baked in a Redwood Cheatin' ham strip, strawberries with balsamic vinegar and non-alcoholic red lambrusco (yeah, grape juice, basically).

Based on Susan's wonderful example, I have decided to try to put a cat photo up once a week. I will aim for one each Caturday, oops, Saturday. So here we go:

Caturday Photo: Sleeping Switch

Here is our adorable Switch, fast asleep on top of our roll top desk (a favourite perch). As you can see, she has an extremely cute habit of resting the top of her head on her sleeping spot, with her nose tucked under.


  1. Caturday - lol. I don't know if you saw my MoFo yesterday but I posted pictures of my kitteis and Switch reminds me so much of Dr Blowfin. He sleeps like that too!
    Lots of little things is my favourite way to eat but I rarely do it because it is so time consuming to prepare.

  2. Switch looks like she's doing yoga, a bit of child's pose maybe! Your snack meal looks good, I've never had balsamic strawberries but they sound great.

  3. Mmmm I've never had tapas before. I love so much variety in one meal! And awww your kitty is too adorable!!!! What a fabulous faceplant!