Friday, July 17, 2009

Sydney Trip: Peace Harmony

Another restaurant that I regularly go to in Sydney is Peace Harmony. Peace Harmony is a Thai vegan restaurant, which serves some seriously good Thai food. I usually go to the restaurant in Erskine Street. They also have a takeaway outlet in King Street.

The menu is heavy on mock meats, but also has some more traditional items. Mr BrisVegan, an omni, has said that it is some of the best Thai food that he has had, and, seriously, he has had a lot of Thai food.

Here are my most recent choices:

This is a Mixed Entree plate, Tom Yum Soup and tropical juice. The Mixed Entree is satay, spring roll, curry puff, money bag and tod mun. The spring roll is pretty standard, but the money bag and curry puff are miles above average. The satay is juicy seitan served with a very satisfying peanut sauce. The tod mun was probably the best thing on the plate. It was a spicy tangy patty very similar to the traditional tod mun pla.

The Tom Yum soup behind it is fantastic. It is a wonderful hot, sour soup with delicious umami undertones. It is full of veges, mock meat and tofu. I always order this as it is seriously the best Thai soup I have ever had.

Another entree that I have had in the past and heartily recommend is the Tofu Tod, a plate of tender juicy deep fried tofu with chilli and peanut sauce.

For a main I had the Musman Curry quick meal, as I was in the mood for curry. It was very good. I got this for a change, but Musman is not my favourite style of curry. I enjoyed it very much, but in the past have liked the red, choo chee, jungle and roast "duck" curry even more. I have also enjoyed several of their stir fries and their excellent salads. Most meals (but not the salads) come as a quick meal with rice, for usually under $10 or as a larger meal without rice, which would probably be enough for two to share after entrees.

I did not have desert, but they have a good range of sorbets (including chocolate) and traditional Thai deserts.

As a Buddhist restaurant, they do not serve alcohol or allow for BYO. However, they do serve several vegan non-alcoholic wines and beers in addition to fresh juice and the usual soft drinks. Their prices are very good and the quality is consistently high. As you can tell, I am a fan.


  1. Woah. I have a serious love of Thai food and will definitely be going here at some point in the future. Yuuum.

  2. It is great food and, even better, you never have to worry about fish sauce!