Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brisvegan Feline Contingent

I have not previously introduced two very important members of the Brisvegan family. They are our 2 delightful feline companions, Berry and Switch. Here they are cuddling on a blanket on our bed:

Switch is on the left and Berry is on the right.

They are rescue kitties. At the end of January this year, there was a post on the Vegetarian and Vegan Society Qld forum about 2 fostered cats that desparately needed a home. They had been fostered with a wonderful young couple since they and their siblings were born. Their mother and 2 other siblings had found homes, but Berry and Switch still needed a forever home. The lovely couple who were caring for them lived with the parents of one of the couple. Unfortunately the parents' cats were old and becoming stressed by the extra cats, to the point that their health was suffering. The fosterers were asked to find the cats a forever home.

I had been thinking about getting cats to live with us. I knew that we needed two cats who loved other, to keep each other company when we were at school and work. We needed primarily indoor cats, as we don't like the idea of cats roaming and killing wildlife. I thought it would be better to offer a home to adult cats, as they are harder to place than kittens. When I saw the post about Berry and Switch I knew that they would be perfect. They were fond sisters, indoor cats, and 11 months old.

So I contacted the fosterers. They came to meet us, to check that we were genuine. Obviously they were happy, as they left our lovely girl cats with us. It may have been the fact that I had gone a bit nuts that morning buying cat paraphernalia.

Since then, the cats have become an integral part of our life. Mr Brisvegan summed it up perfectly when he said that they filled a hole in our life that we didn't know was there. They are mostly indoor cats, though they enjoy supervised visits to the back yard.

Miss Berry:

Berry was named because of her dark bottom lip that looks like she has been eating berries. Berry is the bolder sister. She can be quite bossy and talkative. She will come and tell us to empty the litter tray, or ask us to sit down, so she can jump on our lap.

Miss Switch:

Switch is more timid. However, she can also be affectionate or quite cross. She was named "Switch" because she could switch personalities depending on who she was with. She is a dear, quiet, often affectionate girl with us. She will also tell me she wants things, though she doesn't talk to everyone in the house. She prefers adults to young children, but will let the younger 2 pet her if she is in the mood.

Adopting adult cats has been a breeze. They came to use very well mannered and trained. They are now well bonded to our family and enjoy our company. Please consider adopting an adult rescue, if you are considering adding cats to your family.

These girls will be making regular appearances on this blog.


  1. How lovely is it when cats snuggle each other? Anyone who thinks that cats are aloof has never seen them spoon each other and give licky-kisses - like mine, and, it seems, yours!

  2. Such cute cats and I thought your story of adopting them was lovely. I can't wait to get a big enough place to be surrounded by animals!

  3. We think they are adorable!

    Miss T, you are completely right. Cats definitely form real and loving bonds with each other and their humans. I love to watch our two cuddle, lick and play with each other. I suspect that people who think they are aloof are just not good at reading cat body language or try to push the cat beyond they comfort zone, causing avoidance behaviour.

    Well, now they are telling me that it's time for bed. They like me to go to bed so they can be with me. They are such darlings, but are very spoilt!

  4. Aw, Berry and Switch are lovely! And I love their names. That is a really great adoption story, and the kitty hug picture is just adorable.

  5. We are pleased to meet you Miss Berry and Miss Switch. ~Socks & Scylla (CATS) Fenris & Tuiren (Dogs)