Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Burrito Pie

This was dinner a few nights ago.

From a previous night's dinner, I had 6 leftover tortillas and enough Cheat's Chilli for around 2 small serves. For my family, 6 burritos is definitely not enough. However, there is plenty to make this simple layered dish.

I added a can of drained butter beans to the chilli. I gave the casserole dish a quick spray of rice bran oil. I then put in a tortilla, added 1/5 of the chili mix, then layered tortillas and chilli until the final tortilla was on top of the last layer of chilli. Over the top, I grated some nacho flavoured cheezely. I put the lid on the casserole dish and then heated the pie in a 190 degree Celsius oven for 40 minutes (basically until it was hot).

The cheezely melted really well and was a tasty addition to the dish. However, you could replace it with any vegan cheese or omit it entirely.

I served it with baked smoky BBQ capsicums and a salad of diced lettuce, tomato and capers. The green and red capsicums were baked with a sliced onion, good splash of BBQ sauce, around 1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke and a dash of chilli powder.

The children liked the pie, though the younger 2 were not really salad eaters. Even J, who normally hates capsicum, really liked the smoky BBQ capsicum. I enjoyed the whole thing. It was pretty good for lashed up leftovers.

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