Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sydney Trip: Iku wholefoods

While in Sydney, I work 9-5 in my teaching job. While the organisation that hosts me would be happy to provide salads for lunch, I often decline.

Why? Because, in a food court across the road is one of Sydney's 10 Iku Wholefood oulets. Iku has several outlets, with 4 in the CBD and the others in various suburbs. They sell delicious vegan organic food. They also have a great range of gluten free food for those who don't eat gluten. Most of the options are based around curry, asian snacks or soup. They also have lovely salads.

The great part about Iku is that it has turned good organic vegan food into a mainstream, popular food court outlet. With luck they will go national and we will see them in Brisbane one day.

So here were 3 Iku lunches:

This is a mixed box, with 3 salads, an inari and a piece of tofu fritter. The tofu fritter is based on brown rice and tofu. The inari is not a standard white rice creation. It includes vegetables, brown rice and herbs, which is unusual and delicious.

This is rice paper rolls and polenta square with chilli sauce. I have to try and replicate this polenta. It has carrot, corn, chilli and other vegetables in the polenta with a subtle sweet savoury flavour. Very tasty.

This is tofu and black bean curry with brown rice, coriander (cilantro) and sprouts. A mild tasty curry, which is elevated by the tang of the vinegared sprouts. I also had a lemon and orange sago pudding, which blends the citrus flavour with just enough creamy coconut milk to complement the starch and citrus.

If you are grabbing lunch on the go in Sydney, Iku Wholefoods is only one of several places serving vegan lunches. If you look around, you might be pleasantly surprised.


  1. Ooh, yummy, I'll have to seek that place out next time I'm in Sydney.

  2. It is great for lunches, but not the cheapest option around.