Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sydney trip: Airport food rant

I spent from Tuesday to Friday last week in Sydney for work. I am an academic, in a professional area. I was doing skills training for new graduates in a large professional organisation.

On Tuesday, my original 5.00pm flight was cancelled. I had to wait until 8.00pm for a flight leaving Brisbane for Sydney. Virgin were good and gave me food vouchers.

Now for the ranty bit. There are no vegan meals in the Brisbane domestic airport. None. There is no vegan sandwiches, sushi, soup, anything. Don't believe the coffee shop that claims that their falafel roll is vegan - it has non-vegan dressing (been caught before!). I used my food vouchers for wine and chips, which sucked for dinner.

On the up side, I found out that Oxford Landing wines label their piccolo Sauvignon Blanc wine as "vegan friendly". Yay Oxford Landing!

Virgin sells only a few vegan snacks. I knew that I would be able to get very little food on their flight. That's why I had booked an early flight, so that I could get food in Sydney.

Sydney airport is much better. The Virgin Blue terminal has kebab, salad and sushi outlets that sell vegan options. Of course, they were all shut by the time I got to Sydney.

So, as usual, if you are travelling from Brisbane, pack a snack!

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