Sunday, June 14, 2009

Product Review: Soyatoo vegan whipped cream

In my last post, I mentioned Soyatoo Soy Whip vegan whipped cream. I bought some at Mrs Flannery's organic supermarket at Wooloongabba last week. I have tried it on cake and as part of a banana split.

I have previously bought the carton of Soyatoo cream, which has a texture similar to double cream. It was good on scones.

What's Soyatoo like? It is a pretty good simulcra of whipped cream. It has a sweetish creamy flavour, with only a slight soy overtone (less than most soy dairy products). Both products have a texture very like the cream product that they are copying. It is the closest thing that I have tried to actual cream, since I became vegan. It hits the spot for cream cravings. I would recommend it to vegans who miss creamy toppings.

My three dairy eating children say that it is "Yummy." The comment was unanimous.

Mr Brisvegan, who is an omnivore, doesn't mind it. However, he is pretty used to vegan foods. I am not sure if more mainstream omnis would love it. It does have a slight soy overtone and is not an exact copy of cream. Most of the omnis I know would probably think it was weird vegan fake food. Then again, most of the omnis I know won't even try a soy sausage.


  1. I got a bottle of this stuff about three years ago, before I left the US to move over here, and it was FAN. TASTIC. I'm so happy to see it's available here :)

  2. I believe it can also now be ordered online for mail delivery from the Cruelty Free Shop.

  3. I don't really like sweet stuff - have you tried using it as a cream replacement in cooking?