Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girl's night at home with M

On Friday night, Mr Brisvegan, J and Z went to a Broncos match (Rugby League football for the non-Aussies out there), thanks to our wonderful friends Allan and Tania, who gave them tickets. The Broncos are the Brisbane team and have a huge following here. The Broncos lost, as half the team is out due to a swine flu scare. The Brisvegan guys still had a good time.

[For the record: I could care less about the Broncos since a sexual coercion (their story)/sexual assault scandal last year. I think that the whole football code needs to clean up its attitude to women and to player behaviour and stop treating women as disposable rewards for playing a game.]

M and I were left home alone for a girls night in. M suggested a pyjama and movie night. We donned our PJs, made popcorn:

Watched a movie:

Had a junk food dinner:

(Vegan pies, bit of zucchini for me, generic oven chips, mushie peas and sauce. The pies were from the Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland stall at Greenfest. A genius gentleman cooks them for the VVSQ to sell at events. They are amazingly like an Aussie meat pie, but 100% vegan.)

Followed by banana splits:

(Banana, melted chocolate, Soyatoo whipped cream, nuts, for me and gelatin-free marshmallows from the White Lotus Vegetarian Supermarket at Inala for M. Yes, I may in fact have discovered vegan marshmallows commercially for sale in SE Queensland! I just have to run down a bit more information about the unspecified colours in them.)

I started reading M a story, then she took over and read the ending to me! Very good for grade 1.

It was a wonderful night.

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