Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pear and walnut salad with stinky tofu dressing

The other day I made this quick salad for lunch. It was very good, if you like sweet and bitter things together. It's another tasty way to use stinky tofu. As you can see, I had it with some pita bread, corn, potato salad and tinned cucumber.

Pear and Walnut Salad with Stinky Tofu Dressing

Serves 1


1 pear
Handful walnuts
3 large leaves lettuce of choice
1/2 teaspoon stinky tofu
1/2 teaspoon olive oil
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar

  1. Make a bed of torn lettuce leaves.
  2. Remove the seeds from the pear and slice it lengthways.
  3. Toss pear and walnuts on bed of lettuce.
  4. Whisk tofu oil and vinegar and pour over salad.

Here is Switch with one of her favourite things, her toy dog. When we adopted her, her foster family brought it with her. She had had it for most of her 11 months, so they did not want to deprive her of her favourite toy. She is very fond of it and will carry it all around the house, lick it and play fight with it. She can even hold it in her mouth and jump onto furniture with it. We will sometimes find it left on our bed, when she takes it up there, as she did this time. We suspect that she sometimes leaves it to share with someone who is sad or who she is feeling close to. However, she usually will not let Berry have it, which is no real problem, as Berry does not show much interest in it.

Who says animals can't love toys?


  1. Ok, called me silly, but can you please tell me what stinky tofu is?!!

  2. Hey, great idea! Does is bare some sort of semblance to blue cheese dressing? I have to get my mitts on some of this, saw it at the South Melbourne markets.

  3. Nacho has a similar relationship to a blue mouse on a stick that she drags around the house with her. So cute!

    I recently got a jar of stinky tofu from the asian grocery shop and haven't known what to do with it, thanks for this recipe.

  4. Stinky tofu is also called fermented or preserved tofu. It's a shelf-stable product of tofu preserved in salted liquid. It has a very strong salty bitter flavour, which has some of the same characteristics as blue cheese, though it is not creamy.

    This was a bit like a blue cheese dressing.

    I've also used stinky tofu on pasta, as a blue cheese style sauce. It's on here somewhere. My only tip is don't use too much at first as it has a strong flavour.

    Hope you enjoy it Theresa. Nacho sounds very cute!

  5. I really have to get some of this stinky tofu! I have no excuse with so many Asian groceries around me. I love anything with that sort of taste!

    I love your kitty and her toy - so cute! I have lots of toys for my cats (including some new presents over Christmas), but I think their favourite are these catnip hearts I got from work. It is great she has something that brings her such joy. :D