Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Curry and Lentils

Last night we had curry, tamarind lentils and sambals. My camera is still dead, but fortunately we had the same thing a couple of weeks ago and I took a photo. I know it was the same, because I froze half of the lentils and curry. We microwaved the left overs last night. Obviously, they freeze well.

The lentils are the tamarind lentils from Veganomnicon. I love them, but then I am a big lentil fan. The rest of the family are not so keen.

The curry was some store bought curry paste (can't remember which one) with coconut milk and a mix of veges. I fried some onion, added the curry paste and fried it for a few minutes and then added the rest of the vegetables and coconut milk. It was served with rice, lime pickles, chutney, Sri Lankan coconut sambal (from a jar) and microwaved papadums.

Everyone over 10 loved it. The smaller two had rice, spring rolls, papadums and steamed vegetables, because they are chilli averse.

Now I am going to have the last bit of the lentils and rice for lunch. Mmmmhh, lentils...


  1. Those curries look great, though spring rolls sound pretty good to me right now, too...

  2. Nom nom! I had spring rolls with dinner myself.. :)

  3. This looks really good. I love lentils but don't cook with them nearly enough.

  4. I'm a big fan of lentils, too! A quick dahl on the nights when you can't be bothered to cook is the best! I love Isa's 'Snobby Joes' on her PPK website, at the moment -with only a hint of chilli (my kids don't do well with chilli!)

  5. Tamarind lentils are delicious! I love that recipe. :)