Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mt Tambourine Getaway

Back to food blogging!

On Monday to Wednesday this week, I used some of my time in lieu to take a short break. Mr BrisVegan and I had been given a voucher for Witches Falls Cottages B&B, which is named for the adjacent Witches Falls National Park. We left the children with my sister (school holidays!) and went to Mt Tamborine for a few days.

If you follow the link, you will see the lovely cottages and accommodation packages. We found the owners, David and Daniella to be welcoming and kind, but not obtrusive. The cottages were clean, cosy, very private and comfortable.

Best of all, they were very excited to provide a vegan breakfast. Their accommodation comes with a breakfast package. You can have either a gourmet hamper or a BBQ hamper, to cook on your own BBQ in the secluded courtyard of your cottage. Usually the options for vegans are confusing for small B&B providers or scanty. David, however, was very excited to put together a vegan hamper. He asked me what I like and understood veganism very well.

We opted for a gourmet hamper the first morning. I had the vegan option and Mr Brisvegan, an omni, asked for the non-vegan version. Here is the vegan food which was provided:

There was cereal, soy milk, fruit, nuts, avocado (yum!), jam and a loaf of pumpkin seed bread fresh from a breadmaker, which was still warm. There was also juice, an apple, mandarin and banana, which is not pictured, plus dairy yoghurt and deli items for Mr BrisVegan. There was instant and fresh-ground coffee and teabags in the cottage kitchenette. This was delicious, and was so much food that we had leftovers for lunch.

The next day, we had the BBQ hamper. Here is the vegan portion:

And here is my plate of BBQ'ed goodness:

There is tomato, cooked with a little sugar, salt, pepper, and parsley. On the right is lightly blackened capsicum, cooked with sparkling wine and orange juice and sprinkled with dukkah, from the Mt Tambourine spice store. There is also mushroom, grilled apple wedges with a little sugar and toast, some with avocado from the previous day. It was all cooked in the extra virgin olive oil spray which was in the cottage kitchen.

Vegans will find a warm and tasty welcome at Witches Falls Cottages!


  1. Oh yum! It is wonderful to find a place that is happy to provide decent vegan options, and who understand what being a vegan means!
    I'll definitely keep them in mind if I'm looking at getting away for a short break.

  2. That looks like a great place. Both breakfasts look so filling and delicious!