Thursday, September 10, 2009

Banana caramel walnut pudding

I am defining this as Australian, because I found the recipe on the Vegetarian Network Victoria site.

That site has some good resources, including a veg*n alcohol list.

My students have been taking turns bringing morning tea to work one day each week. I had been doing the usual vegan response to baked goods: “Does it contain dairy or eggs? No thanks, I’m vegan. Looks lovely, though. Very thoughtful.” However, one lovely person went searching for vegan recipes. She made this wonderful Banana Walnut Caramel Pudding from the recipe here.

It was really good. When I said so, she sent me the link to the recipe. I made some a few days after. It was intended to be for school lunches the next week, but we (with some visitors) ate the whole thing over the weekend.

For my effort, I doubled the recipe, swapped half of the flour for wholemeal and only used 1 ½ times the caramel for the top. I also kept the walnuts back and put them on top of half the loaf, because Z does not like nuts in baked goods. It was still very good, though not as luscious and sweet as the original.


  1. That looks super delicious (and it was really sweet of that student to search out a vegan recipe for it when people make such an effort like that).

  2. Wow! I'm not surprised that was gone in a single weekend! It looks amazing!!