Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to Eat Vegemite

The quintessential Australian ingredient is vegemite. It is a yeast based paste, similar to marmite. It is accidentally vegan and a good source of several B vitamins. Vegemite can be an acquired taste. “Acquired taste” is usually code for something which is vile the first time you try it, but that you may come to love. Many people certainly find vegemite disgusting on first taste, but it also has a devoted following, especially among Australians, who frequently start eating it as babies.

What does vegemite taste like? It is very salty, with an umami savouriness offset by some bitterness. It is less sweet than marmite, promite and similar yeast spread products.

How do people eat it? It is commonly used as a sandwich filling, but may also be used in stocks, gravies and soups to impart a dark colour and savoury flavour.

What is the secret to not finding it vile? Use vegemite sparingly. Seriously. You only want a tiny bit. If you put it thickly on bread, you will be sorry. Do not spread it like jam. Treat it like a strong condiment.

The best and most common way to eat vegemite is on toast. Spread toast with margarine, to taste. Spread very thinly with approximately ½ teaspoon of vegemite. You can see mine above. You should be able to see the bread and margarine through the vegemite.

Another great way to have vegemite on toast is also shown above. Spread toast with vegemite. I don’t bother with margarine. Top with avocado. I love this one!

Other common options for vegemite are on toast with tomato or vegan cheese, on crackers with margarine, on bread with margarine or in broth. Remember to only use a little and you will come to love it.


  1. I've been wanting to try Vegemite for ages now but I'm always to scared to pick it up once I get to the supermarket! I think I'll give it a go now though.

  2. Personally I'm a marmite girl (which one is supposed to be Aussie and which one is NZ? I never remember) but they are both real good. I think I've got quite a high tolerance for the stuff now though 'cause I spread it much thicker than that! Hmmm, I think my favourite is marmite on toast with tomato and avocado.

  3. I'm one of those who found vegemite absolutely vile at first taste... and at second taste. But I stuck with it, and the third time around I found it grew on me. I still can't eat it like Andy does--spread like jam--but I do love me some vegemite toast. My favourite use for it that I haven't done in a while is vegemite and garlic powder in a salad sandwich. Such a yummy combination of things!

    The other thing we do for a snack is split a weetbix and spread it with nuttelex and vegemite. Yum!

  4. Definitely nowhere near enough Vegemite on that toast!! I eat it out of the jar with a spoon, spread it on cold baked potatoes, add a spoonful to stewed mushrooms ... there are just sooooo many ways to enjoy it.


  5. I am one of the vegemite-haters! We weren't raised on it as and I cannot even stand the smell of it!

  6. I was raised on Vegemite - I can eat it with a spoon!!!!

  7. Wow, Vaala Ron and Amy, I can't take it if it is that strong! You are clearly more Aussie than me!

    Mandee, I was a vegemite avoider and very occasional promite eater until year 7 camp, when breakfast one day was cereal and vegemite toast. I don't know why I suddenly liked it after that. Weird, I know.

  8. Mmmm I love my vegemite. I've been a vegemite kid since birth (and funny enough, so have all my kids! It's all they ever want!)

  9. Ahh I must have some latent Aussie blood or maybe British, dunno... just bought my first jar of Vegemite here in the States. (I'm in Kansas, the Other land of Oz!)... happened to see a discussion similar to yours, in terms of having a very thin layer on some toast. I had some dried out naan that my son had gotten for his hummus last week and it was a perfect carrier for my thin layer. I had just eaten some sweets and knew I needed B vitamins to offset the sugars, so the Vegemite was especially appealing and tasty!!

    But your suggestion of a thin layer of Vegemite with a layer of avocado sounds DELICIOUS and so I will get some avocado later today!