Saturday, August 8, 2009

My week and Peking "Duck"

My poor blog has been ignored this last week. I have had a rather hectic week.

Last weekend I stayed on the Gold Coast. A friend, Tania, hosted a girl's weekend for 4 of us on the Coast. We stayed at the Watermark, had massages, saw a show at the Casino and cruised the shops.

How was the food for a vegan? As I was with 3 omnis, and Tania had prebooked packages, I ate in non-veg restaurants all weekend. The Watermark's restaurants were very happy to make a lunch (pasta with fresh vegetables and a tomato sauce) and hot breakfast (mushrooms, tomato, beans, hash brown, toast and cold buffet items). I also found the buffet at the casino to be willing to cater for a vegan. I asked which items were vegan. The chef indicated the few salad items and then made me pasta with tomato and spinach sauce and steamed veges with no butter. They brought so much food, I couldn't finish it (which is a lot because I can eat a pretty good amount of pasta).

Through the week, I have been working late-ish, so food was pretty boring and basic. Therefore, no pictures.

Last night I called at an asian supermarket on the way home. (The one at Sunnybank, in the carpark, opposite where Magic Wok used to be, for my Brisbane readers.) I bought vegan wrappers and vegan "duck." We had peking "duck" for dinner. It was a very easy dinner, but a bit away from simple pasta.

In the picture, you can see the wrappers, soy-based "duck", carrot, cucumber and thinned hoisin sauce. Each person took some of each and made a little parcel.

We also had spring rolls, BBQ buns, turnip cakes and rice (not pictured, obviously).

We had extra children at our place for dinner, as I was babysitting for my sister. They were omni kids. They liked the vegan spring rolls. The 10 year old had a couple of wrappers. The 8 year old only liked the rice and spring rolls, but he is a bit selective about even omni food.

My family followed the same split. J, Mr BrisVegan and I all liked the peking "duck" in the wrappers with cucumber, carrot and sauce and ate all the sides. The younger 2, Z and M, did not like the wrappers, but ate heaps of the "duck" which they always like. They also loved the BBQ buns, rice and spring rolls.

I think that pre-made wrappers might be good for a party snack.


  1. Those Peking Duck (ha - almost wrote Dunk) wraps look awesome! I will have to try....

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  3. It's good to hear of a hotel/restaurant that will happily cater for vegans. And your Peking (faux)duck dinner looks good :)