Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Heart Garden restaurant

Last week I worked late at an event at the University of Queensland at St Lucia (even though that's not my Uni). It was a very well organised student run event and JATL are to be congratulated on their work.

Afterward I called into My Heart Garden restaurant on Hawken Drive. It is a vegetarian, mostly vegan, restaurant. The food is influenced by many cuisines, with some Malay and fusion food, though there are also salads, lentil loaves, wraps and burgers. They also have a good range of sweets. I was lucky to find them still open, as they were packing up when I arrived. However, they happily made me a quick and delicious meal.

I got a burger and a slice of vegan maple pumpkin cheesecake, to go. As I was starving, I wolfed down the burger without taking a photo, though you can see the maple pumpkin cheesecake above. The burger was amazing. It has apparently won a PeTA award for Best Burger 2009 and I can see why. The burger patty was mildly spicy, lentil-based but firm and chewy. It was served on a fresh panini with vegan coleslaw, shredded beetroot and salad. The sweet dressing from the coleslaw perfectly offset the savoury spice of the burger.

For dessert, the cheesecake was good. It had a mild sweet pumpkin, maple flavour. It had a good, though slightly soft texture. There was no strong "cheese" flavour, but that would have distracted from the sweet pumpkin flavour.

My Heart Garden is a nice little restaurant, with simple outdoor seating and excellent food. It's worth a go, if you are anywhere near St Lucia. I have also been at an event that they catered (apparently their first, which was a surprise) which had excellent food.


  1. Mmmm that cheesecake sounds delicious. I prefer my cheesecake not to taste cheesy which is why I don't ususlly like it!

  2. Yummy, I checked out My Heart Garden when I was in Brisbane last and was suitably impressed. I can't wait to go again sometime!